The Problem


Schools have many Educational Videos Clips that cannot be retrieved because they have not been Properly Indexed.

This wastes valuable time and causes frustration as an appropriate video cannot be found easily.

Research has shown that Clips are Randomly Stored on a Central File System or on Teacher’s Computers.

The Solution



The Smart Multimedia Library provides a Secure Video Clip Indexing System located within the School and costs less than a cup of coffee per month.


Easy To Use

The Smart Multimedia Library's

Management Interface delivers an easy to use, private and secure solution fo

Teachers, Pupils, and the School.

Visual Learning is a vital part of learning in the 21st Century.

The Smart Multimedia Library will help Users engage with educational content and enhance information retention.

This will support achievement & assessment.

The Service is provided via the Intranet as we provide each school with their own SML Appliance (Server) which links with the School Network. In line with parents’ wishes, this allows the school to have total security.

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Teachers and Pupils will have a Smart Multimedia Library.


Knowledge Base



On-Going Research


Over 2,832 Parents have been asked about The Smart Multimedia Library and all of them agreed that this New Educational Resource offers exceptional value and represents a fantastic way for children to grow and develop their own knowledge.



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Developing a Clear Vision


Ken Caudrelier

Founder & CEO