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Visual Learning is a vital part of learning in the 21st Century


The Smart Multimedia Library is a comprehensive educational resource that uses Visual Learning to increase knowledge.  Its Management Interface delivers an easy to use solution for storing and creating media. It is secure as a separate Appliance (Server) is installed within each school and delivers media from one Central Secure Indexed Platform.


The Smart Multimedia Library reduces workload, offers excellent value and most importantly, delivers benefits and improves outcomes for pupils, teachers and the whole school.

School IT Teams are delighted with how easy it is to install and use.

The fact that it is linked to the School Network and uses the Intranet which provides needed Security and avoids the bandwidth issue if many Teachers and Pupils want to use the service at the same time.


The Smart Multimedia Library will help Users engage with educational content and enhance information retention and support achievement & assessment.

“We are defined by what we have seen” Sir Trevor McDonald

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