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The Education Peope Show was a great conference in Kent and we met a lot of Teachers, Business Managers, and Governors. People were very interested to talk to us about The Smart Multimedia Library and were particularly impressed with the Security that is key to protecting the User.


The Smart Multimedia Library is delivered on a separate Appliance (Server) which we install at each school and operates via the Intranet which allows total security within the school. The School is totally responsible for the content of its Media Library. 


Who benefits - The Whole School, Teachers, and Pupils. Each Teacher and Pupil will have their own Private and Secure Media Library. The Pupil can use their Media Library to produce a Virtual CV which will help them in the future. Everyone recognized that this Learning Resource will save time and help to support achievement and assessment of all ages. 

A Question we asked our visitors - Does your school have a Secure, Indexed Media Library that everyone can access – Teachers, Pupils, and the Whole School? 100% of our visitors confirmed that they did not have a Secure Indexed Media Library

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The Southern Education Show

5th February 2020

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The Eastern Education Show

27th February 2020